Frequently asked questions


  1. Racing Height Requirements

    All junior racers will need to be at least 48" (4') tall to race on track. All teen/adult racers will need to be at least 60" (5') to race our larger, faster go-karts. All passengers in a 2-seater kart must be 42" (3'5") or taller and driver must be 18 or older

  2. Ropes Height Requirements

    In order to do the Ropes Course alone, you must be 48" (4') or taller. Those 42" and up need a parent/guardian to do the ropes as well.

  3. Thrill Park Height Requirements

    Those 36"+ (3') can use the wipeout trampoline, hamster balls and foam pit (cannot use zip line or inverted monkey bars). 42"+ (3.5') can access entire Thrill Park area. We also have a toddler area for kids 0-3 years for $5.

  4. What is the maximum weight and height to race at Speed Circuit?

    The maximum weight for our adult karts is around 300lbs, and maximum height is around 6’7”. The junior karts have a maximum height of around 5’3” and can only accommodate children – sorry, no adults in Junior karts even if you meet the height requirement.