Event Terms

Please read each section below carefully

While we want everyone to have the best time at your upcoming event at Speed Circuit, we want to ensure we are all on the same page as far as day-of party policies. A party at Speed Circuit is fast paced and fun so please read through all policies below and sign and acknowledge at the bottom so we know you understand our rules.

🎉 General Reservation Policies

A minimum of 8 drivers/participants are required in order to book a reservation

$100 Deposit is Non-Refundable and can only be applied to a reservation of 8 or more (deposit cannot be used toward walk-in racing)
All participants must commit to the same package and the package decided on at time of booking (if someone decides not to do an activity, there will be no swaps and activity will still be charged for)
You have 24hrs prior to the day of the event to make changes
All participants must be ON TIME and all online waivers MUST be completed prior to event. Failure to complete waivers or being late may result in races being moved to the bottom of the queue

🎉 Room Rentals

Party Room Rentals are a minimum of 3 hours
Parties may choose to add additional hours if planned in advance based on availability. Additional hours cannot be added on the day of the event
Room Rentals must be out before the allotted time runs out. There is a 10min grace period, if you are not out of room within 10min after allotted time given, you will be charged an additional $65

🎉 Free Party Tables

Free tables are available under the ropes course and near the racetrack
All free tables are first come first serve, we cannot ask another group to move, tables cannot be reserved in advance
Parties utilizing free tables can use a MAXIMUM of 2 tables

🎉 Racing

Racing is the first activity and is scheduled 30mins after the start of your reservation (we use the first 30min for check-in, verifying waivers, assigning groups and printing tickets)

If participants are not on time and all waivers are not done prior to arrival, races will be heavily delayed for the entire party
Races cannot begin until all participants are present and checked in with their waiver completed
Maximum number of karts on the track is 10-11 for safety purposes (double-seater karts are considered 1 kart)
If you have more than 11 drivers, we must split the group into 2 groups and you must meet a minimum of 8 karts per group, bringing your minimum to 16 participants
Racers cannot swap if more than 1 race is on the bill (for example: if there are 8 racers doing 2-races & someone decides they no longer want to do the 2nd race, both races still need to be paid for and no one else can take that 2nd race)

🎉 Other Activities

All add-on activities are done after racing and are not scheduled, they are ON YOUR OWN TIME
Please go to the front desk to let them know when you are ready to start
Employees will try to give you an idea on when to start but they are not responsible for telling you a specific time to begin your activities
Different wristbands will be given for different activities, if you have more than 1 activity on your bill, you must go up to the front desk before starting each activity for the proper wristband
Once a wristband is placed on the participant they will be charged even if they decide they no longer want to participate (wristbands cannot be transferred to a different person once it is already placed on someone)
All activities are done with all the participants at the same time
Thrill park is for 60min, time will start once everyone is inside (unless you chose the all-day pass)
Ropes course is for 15min, time will start once everyone is up the stairs

    Things To Know...
    Things To Know...

    Height Requirements

    Height Requirements

    Go-Karts: Adult Karts 60" | Jr Karts 48" | Passenger 42" with Adult Driver

    Ropes: 42"+

    Thrill Park: 42"+ can access entire Thrill Park. Kids 36"+ can use the wipeout trampoline, human hamster balls and foam pit (cannot use zip-line or inverted monkey bars). We also have a toddler area for Kids 0-3 years for $7.